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E. D. Rider

Patricia J. Mosca

This was the 2nd horse I designed. The design concept came from a meeting with COMIDA. Executing this horse was a little more difficult. Because we wanted the horse to be white, it ended up taking 5 coats of paint...with drying time in between. He took a long time! His hat, was an adventure in creativity! We ended up using artist canvas that covered a styrofoam wedge. Finding all the right products to seal,glue,cover,paint and bead was all new for me. Again, with the help of Lea this pony came to life. She designed the faces after her friend's dog. I believe the faces for us was one of the most important parts. Because the horses were so unrealistic, we wanted to make sure that the ponies faces were somewhat life like, to give them them personalities. In the dead of winter, in the garage we had come to love our horses so much. I believe we achieved effective faces.. The blankets for both Mare Lynn and E.D. were made out of artist canvas, designed, beaded, and painted in the warmth of the house. When the 2 horses were done we smiled, and agreed that it certainly was a wonderful creative adventure that we were so proud to be a part of. We breathed deeply, as we had met the deadline with 2 weeks to spare.

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