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Hillel Students

Hilley came to life because the Pelta family donated a horse to our school. There was so much excitement when Hilley entered the front hall and was placed in her "stall". The art teacher handed out a blank picture of a horse to all the students and from kindergarten through eighth grade, each student had many visual images of what they thought Hilley should look like. After making a collage of cut pictures from the many ideas handed in the eighth graders proceeded to draw the ideas on the horse in chalk. After that it became an eighth grade project. The students worked on the project every class period using enamel paint. As Hilley became more and more colorful each day, the children felt such excitement, pointing out the ideas they had drawn on their sketch. After many weeks of working, our maintainance person drilled holes in the side so the tzeazeat could be added. They represent the fringes on the prayer shawl. The symbols of the Wall, shabbath candles, kippot, wine cups, stars, doves, hebrew quotes, prayer shawl, rainbow all were ideas that came from the children. Peace, Shalom was the one symbol that showed up the most. Always, the children hope for world peace and now in particular, for peace in Israel. The energy it took to create Hilley was so positive and exciting. The eighth graders took much pride in their work, and the whole school loves Hilley. We were so happy to be part of Horses on Parade!