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Anything's Possible: From the Horses Mouth

Lisa Lange

I was selected by Strong Health to work with them on a design. The first name was "Healthy as a Horse", and the design showed a white horse with graphic pills, plants, simple medical tools and the like sprinkled about in a colorful wallpaper-pattern effect. The design morphed its way into its final form, which features fun, tongue-in-cheek statements about what a horse might do to become healthier and happier. The design plays off of Strong Health's current advertising promotion, "Project Believe," their effort to help make Rochester the healthiest community in America by the year 2020.

The statements began to overpower the design of the icons, so I removed them. At that point, I realized that we needed to rethink the horse. He needed to talk, literally.

With a little research and a new Macintosh G4 with iMovies loaded, I delved into sound editing. The big hurdle was to find a horse voice. Luckily I met the very talented Pittsford Sutherland High School acting student, John Adamski. I asked him to come up with a horse voice, keeping in mind that Mr. Ed's voice was already taken, (all the while wondering if he knew who I meant). He seemingly effortlessly invented the voice that now delights children of all ages in the lobby at Strong Hospital with the push of a button.

With the support of the Strong Marketing staff, especially Suzanne Sawyer and Mary Dakin, Steve Fasone in the Audio department, and the generous help of Kevin Staudenmayer from Leader TV, plus a lot of laughs, "Anything's Possible: From the Horse's Mouth." was created. He was painted pearlized white at Hastings Collision --?? the pearl effect works especially well under the fluorescent lights of the lobby. I created the words in Adobe Illustrator and had them cut out of metallic vinyl at Karnas Sign Co.

The audio files are about 2MB each, download times at 56K is approx. 2-3 minutes. You may need QuickTime to listen to these files.

John 1, John 2, John 3, John 4, John 5