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Raymond J. Easton
Han A. Vu

"Kleinsdale" was a joint collaboration from the initial concept to the technique and application, between Raymond J. Easton (Wildlife Artist) and Han A. Vu (Metal Sculptor). Careful consideration was taken before applying the mediums to ensure that the horse could withstand the harshest of Rochester's unpredictable weather. Acrylic paint was used on the head, legs and tail giving "Kleinsdale a realistic look. Metallic automotive paint was used to depict the armor, in which over 300 carriage bolts were epoxied and 100 ft. of pin striping were adhered, to represent the rivets and separation of plates. Five coats of anti-graffiti clear coat were applied over the entire finished product. "Kleinsdale" stands "ready" and is proud to be a part of the "Parade that can be rained on".