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Fitness Fury

Patricia J. Mosca
Lea Rizzo

The phone rings. With a deadline of 2 weeks I'm asked, "could you do another horse". Sure, get it here, and as long as its not one of those rearing horses it will fit in the garage.....oh, it is one of those rearing horses. This horse proved to be the most challenging and in certain ways the most fun to do. As long as it was sports related I could do anything I wanted to this one. Once again, Lea (my daughter) came and helped me out. We both took time off from our "day"jobs to work on the horse. I can't even tell anyone how many tanks of propane we went through keeping the garage, the horse and ourselves, warm. Fury needed a lot of sports elements, and a banner. The idea of a flag hanging from a golf club came to me as a visual. We orginally wanted real sneakers on Fury, but try to find some that would fit that hoof! I opted for the painted hightops with shoelaces. Again, the face was so important, and again, Lea came through.

This has been a rewarding experience for me and my family. I thank COMIDA for making me a part of this. I thank my family for putting up with my being in the garage for 2 months, and for helping me bring this project to life. My husband,who provided heat, support and ran out for supplies. My daughter, who stayed up late and painted her heart out for me when I couldn't anymore. My friends, who didn't see me for months but had to listen to my constant chatter about the ponies. To all of the new friends I have made in the art community I feel truly blessed. And to the public, who have taken this project into their hearts, thank you for supporting your local artists..

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