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Black And White....

Ian Auch
Herm Auch
Kelly Egan
Heather Erwin
Paulina Garces Reid
Annette Meade
Melinda Miller
Tricia Powers
Kevin Smith
Kate Weisskopf
Sarah Wigdalski

The rearing horse is located outside of the Democrat and Chronicle's downtown building in a small garden near the entrance. A floodlight illuminates the horse at night.

The horse is a pinto, mostly white with dark spots. The white parts of the horse were created using pieces of photocopied articles published in the newspaper. The spots were created with photocopied photographs, carefully selected, which have been published by the Democrat and Chronicle. The photographs reflect events that have occurred in Rochester and surrounding areas. Each spot has a theme, such as sports, features, business, prominent people, crime.

The tail and mane of the horse are covered by headlines photocopied and applied in such way that they can be read at a close distance. The method used to create the horse is called decoupage. Once all the paper was smoothly pasted in place, a coat of clear acrylic was applied. To protect the horse from the elements, it was sprayed with a final layer of automotive clear coat.

The horse is bursting out of a base consisting of a white scroll lettered with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. This passage appears in the Democrat and Chronicle every day in the banner at the top of the editorial page.