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Lisa Mauro

Hochstein Music School is the sponsor for Lisa Mauro's creation, "Tempo". Hochstein is Rochester's Community School of the Arts, offering music and dance education to anyone regardless of age, level of skill or financial means. The institution celebrates its 80th anniversary this year.

Tempo, (time for dance and music), reflects both the spirit of music and dance training at Hochstein Music School. Lisa Mauro chose to appropriate great master paintings by Degas, Manet, and Renoir with imagery reflecting music and dance to highlight the classical origins and lyrical qualities of these art forms. Although they are specific illustrations of dancers and musicians, it is meant to convey the universal aspects inherent in the disciplines of dance and music such as beauty, artistic expression, and the dignity of the human spirit.

Lisa Mauro has a BFA from Parson School of Design and is trained in both painting, graphic design and illustration. Mauro Design is the graphic design studio she operates out of the Anderson Alley Artist Building where she specializes in designing book jackets and publication design. Her preferred medium depends upon the nature of the project. This assignment required a more classical approach to painting. The artist used acrylic paints in a dry brush manner and glazing techniques to simulate the effects of oils.