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Children's Champion

Carol Culhane

The children were sitting at tables with paint, clay, markers and crayons. Some were tethered to IV machines and some with bandages in wheelchairs or on crutches. As they giggled and created their art, the image came to mind of a very caring place. Nurses would come and go giving medications, checking IVs making sure the children had opportunity to continue their art without interruption. Even though the children were there for a reason, some more serious than others, they were having a wonderful time. I couldn't help but notice many of the drawings included sunshine, flowers and rainbows. To make the horse appear real portrays the reality of who is served at Children's Hospital at Strong. The blanket is evident for the caring and love the Hospital provides. The rainbow of children all of ages portrays again who the Hospital serves. The birds, ribbons and animals are a token of the theme A walk in the park on the corridors of the Pediatric Floor. Last but not least the handprints of the children and the replications of their artwork and clay sculptures. It was my distinct honor to have opportunity to donate my time and talent to convey a message with the Children s Champion.