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Headline: MCC Artists Create Horses for Parade
By Adam Smith
Public Affairs Intern

Rochester seems to have gone to the horses lately, thanks in part to two Monroe Community College artists.

With unbridled enthusiasm and the help of students, KATHLEEN FARRELL, assistant professor Visual and Performing Arts, contributed their time and effort to produce horses sponsored by the MCC Foundation for the community-wide Horses on Parade project.

With the help of up to ten students at a time, Kathy Farrell created "Anima, Animus," a horse that captures the essence of the college ideal. Working with the idea of right brain and left brain, Farrell developed a design that brings together the creative and analytical parts of the brain. Through the use of symbolism, "Anima, Animus" inspires the viewer to think and to ponder the horse and its meaning. It calls up the contrast of the sexes and that of ying and yang.

Farrell was extremely pleased with the end result. She loved the experience and the creativity and passion of the students who helped her create her horse. She says that the hardest part of this entire experience was trying to reign in the enthusiasm of the students. But she loved the fact that, at times, the entire college community seemed to be involved.

"Anima, Animus" was created in the North Atrium (between buildings 12 and 4), which allowed everyone who passed by to view the creation of the project. She says that even now people ask her what ever happened to our horse. "The entire college community was able to view the creation of this horse, which is usually a very private experience for an artist," she said. But Farrell and her students love the fact that they were able to share their gifts and talents with the school and the community at large.

"Anima, Animus" can be seen on the first floor of the Sibley Building, 228 E. Main Street, home to the Damon City Campus.