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The following lists the horses by Artist. The Site No. refers to the location number listed on the Horses On Parade map which can be found at and at various locations around Rochester, including the HOP Gallery at 151 St. Paul Street. The Page No. refers to the page that horse can be found in the Horses on Parade book.

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Site No. Artist Horse name Page No.
NA  Cat's Meow0
TBAVarious artists  Spectrum0
74Mark AdamsPrewitt Fiberglass Animals0
132Lori Adams
Kathy Mangione
Ben Smith
and Technical Team
Digital Cable Caballo147
10Anne AdermanWilson159
35Anne AdermanGenny75
151Kathryn Merrill Agnew
and 484 Pittsford Middle School sixth grade students
Hand-Sum Synergy9
TravelingJane AldenOntario77
103 Artists of GEVA TheaterArts Are The Glue165
65Ian Auch
Herm Auch
Kelly Egan
Heather Erwin
Paulina Garces Reid
Annette Meade
Melinda Miller
Tricia Powers
Kevin Smith
Kate Weisskopf
Sarah Wigdalski
Black And White....42
76Pat BaconHands Down A Winner54
2Robin Bates
Holly Burritt
The Intimidator16
67Carole A. BattleKiandaga99
15Kathie BellyConstant pHorse23
87Athesia Benjamin
Boys and Girls Club
JP... A True Morgan90
6Darlene BenzonA Day At The Zoo125
137Ginger Black
Violet Kokarakis
Homeward Bound121
123Sara BoettrichPony Expresso160
33Riccardo BozzaMr. F.X.127
118Christina Parrett BrinkmanColor Me Rochester87
143Christina Parrett BrinkmanNo More Horsin' Around104
144Christina Parrett BrinkmanMane WoMann105
37Belinda BryceSpirit123
39John Buck
Steve Kelly
Lou Fico
KODAK Prints50
124Andy Buck
and the students of Rochester Institute of Technology
Barrel E. Horse135
101Terryl ButwidLivingston63
43Sharon Dwyer BuzardAmerican Quarter Horse150
19Kathy CalderwoodReflectorius Maximus44
126 Campers
St. John Fisher Dance for Love Committee
Crossroads the Clown
36Ross ChiricoCareer Vision165
52Ross ChiricoPut Me In Coach93
25Stephanie Cimino
and employees of C.P. Ward
William R. Walton
24Marilyn Little CorderHANDSome Al Says6
129Kit CortiHead For The Hills57
TravelingKelly CraigReader's Choice64
127Paula CrawfordHigh Falls Horse85
31Diane Crespo
Carolyn Steinkirchner
78Carol CulhaneChildren's Champion29
61Kathy D'Amanda
Jim Durfee
60Alexandra DavidoffStained Glass Horse11
75Janice Annette DellesLucky To Be Colorful113
131Andrew Dragone
Shennen Marschner
Gift Horse97
51Raymond J. Easton
Han A. Vu
141 Faces of HopeHope92
84Kathleen Farrell
Liz Avalos
Deanna Farrell
Scott Howard
Bounnoy Manivong
Ken Morrill
Vafa Mostaghim
Garrick Yue
117Lynne FeldmanPower Of Nature134
104Diane Fitzgerald-HarrisEsquire73
1Aimee Frank
Heather Heffernan
125Wayne FrankThe Art Before The Horse7
146Aimee Frank
Heather Heffernan
Shear Li-Locks140
8 Friends of DePaulFillybeans43
26 Fyle ElementaryNews Horse 13161
32Jacquie GermanowAmer-Equus145
115Sandy GianninyHorse Chess-Nut66
57Brooks GirschRochester MusicFest Horse31
12Joel GrimaldiThe Warrior133
97Jill GussowFor Goodness Sake154
28M. Wendy GwirtzmanMs. Daisy Horseshoes67
111Jennifer HeckerHorse Feathers60
62Megan HendersonBlue Chips114
20Rebekah Hiler
Joe Medina
138 Hillel StudentsHilley78
120Rick McGee Hock
George Eastman House Creative Services
George Eastman Horse65
116William HolowkaPegasus136
148Ellen G. HorovitzHorse Sense117
44George Howell
Linda Summers
Jean Lahti Nagel
All Keyed Up148
112Calvin Hubbard
and the Kuumba Kids
Umoja The Magical Horse106
128Kim KrenzerBridle Lace100
16Bryan KyhosDazzling Horse116
23Lisa LangeAnything's Possible: From the Horses Mouth143
34Lisa LangeHorse Trader122
38Lisa LangeHorse & Buggies33
68Lisa LangePaper Rocks164
70Lisa Lange
Richard Northrup
Skip the Mane Course12
79*Lisa LangeLife Is A Celebration91
77Roberto LebronEquus Cartographus86
29Jay Lincoln
Joe Holland
Nate Lewit
Greg Yoder
Blue Bayou18
42Jay Lincoln
Sarah Caswell
Sono Fujimura
Greg Yoder
83Jay Lincoln
Sarah Caswell
Sono Fujimura
Greg Yoder
TravelingJay Lincoln
Sarah Caswell
Aaron Mosier
Eric Scafetta
Rockin' Horse74
55Maureen Loveless
with Monroe Middle School students and staff
80Dick LubeyFive-A-Day5
3Mary Lou LuntFlossie49
54Mary Lou LuntCow Wanna-Be45
64Mary Lou LuntPenny25
86Mary Lou LuntTwinkle Toes46
102Mary Lou LuntProsperity17
140Mary Lou LuntJuliana95
90 MacKenzie-Childs Ltd.East & Mane59
56Thomas R. MarkusenBucky20
53Betsy Martin
families of News 8 Now
Hillside Family of Agencies
Rochester Red Wings
113Vincent MassaroChubby41
122Vincent MassaroHuntress and Her Stag102
71Lisa MauroTempo81
21Rose McCaugheyArtrageous72
49Arlene McDonald
and Canandaigua Middle School art club
Rosie The Wave Rider138
142Jamie McTammany
Kellie McTammany
Chomping At The Bit53
133Jennifer MeagherQuick Recovery152
22David MerkelSentinel70
85Mark J. MijangosA Horse Of Several Colors158
73Eugene MilellaHorsepower40
147David G. Miller
Hadley Exhibits
N. Zone165
11Patricia J. MoscaE. D. Rider34
58Patricia J. Mosca
Lea Rizzo
Fitness Fury35
59Patricia J. MoscaMare-Lynn-Monroe37
5Maryanna MuellerImagine51
89Cynthia NadoOld Rochester21
30Regina NeriSaggio94
134Aaron NorthrupPeacock's Pony157
139Judith Olson-GregoryJourney109
41Mary Lee PageGeneseo165
4Chris Pallace
Kevin Serwacki
Trojan Invasion156
9Chris Pallace
Kevin Serwacki
Tony Lopasser
Justine Pallace
18Chris Pallace
Kevin Serwacki
96Chris Pallace
Kevin Serwacki
108Chris Pallace
Kevin Serwacki
High Finance101
110Chris Pallace
Kevin Serwacki
114Chris Pallace
Kevin Serwacki
Web Dancer119
NAChris Pallace
Kevin Serwacki
TravelingChris Pallace
Kevin Serwacki
153Rosemary Park
Renee Rockmaker-Carver
Hanging Hoof30
94Margery Pearl-GurnettLightning62
46Karen M. PelcTechno Blue19
95 Physical Graffiti96.5 WCMF Wease88
119 Pines of PerintonPainted Pony83
130 Polymer Clay Guild WNYKC89
13Alice PublowThe Quiet Horse120
145Ron QuagliataThe Art Of The Watch39
105Teresa RiordanBlue Stallion15
81Chary RobbinsMister... EDS, Of Course52
47Lisa RobinsonThe WB Horse153
48Susan M. RooneyTown Crier131
98Susan M. RooneyHorse Play149
150Randy R. RossowHelp Down Here On Earth126
63Kurt RuffJustin128
92Kurt RuffDay Break129
136Christine SalisburyFaces Of Our Future80
40 Scale 2Horse Of A Different Color162
14Maggie ScheidSara B. Wall13
72Joseph SchumacherMercury Skyline155
82David SiebertH-O-R-S-E26
88Gordon SimmonsCopper Beech82
66Debra Siracuse
"inVision Art Therapy participants
Spirit of Art Therapy38
69Edith Lunt SmallBarney's Legacy124
149Edith Lunt SmallTown and Country110
Nicholas Coulter
Nathaniel Hubbell
Katri Linnamaa
Horse Power47
Rachel Mich
Starr Vella
Ida Habtemichael
45William StewartHorsehide137
99Allyson Todd-HowePoetry In Motion111
121Dee TophamJupiter3
106Jacqueline Welch-FalkensteinUnbridled Spirit10
7Robert C. Whiteside
Lisa Robinson
Lasting Impression118
50Robert C. WhitesideC.C. Rider32
91Robert C. Whiteside
Bud DeWolff
109Robert C. WhitesideThe Paddock146
NARobert C. Whiteside
Madelyn Whiteside
TBARobert C. WhitesideColors of Excellence165
TBARobert C. WhitesideAmerica68
107Craig WilsonGiddyup History144
152Bryan WittmanTattoo58
17Bill Wynkoop
S. Miller
T. Eisel
A. Kohlmann
J. Hale
K. B. Feltz
P. Ferraraccio
T. Cipolla
The Italian Stallion98
100Carl Zollo
Jack Wolsky
Guy Chiazza
135 ~NA~~NA~0

*The Life is a Celebration horse (artist, Lisa Lange) was moved to the Pittsford Wegmans.